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Falling is a common problem but it’s not an inevitable part of ageing.

Steady On Your Feet is a campaign led by the NHS and local authorities to help increase confidence and reduce the risk of falls. Our advice, guidance and resources are designed for anyone worried about feeling unsteady on their feet. They aim to equip people with simple tips to stay active, independent and safe during everyday activities.

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Information and Advice

If you’ve recently had a fall or felt unsteady on your feet, it can really impact your confidence and the way you get around.

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Feeling weak or unsteady can increase your risk of falls. Use our video exercises to keep active and improve bone health, muscle strength, balance and confidence.

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Self Assessment

Use our self assessment tool to help reduce your risk of falling and increase your confidence. It is designed for anyone who may be worried about feeling unsteady on their feet.

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If you or someone you know is unsteady on their feet, we are here to help. For many people over 65, the risks of falling can be a difficult subject to bring up. Simply talking about worries and making arrangements can put minds at ease and improve confidence.

Steady On Your Feet Illustration