Fire Safety

Do you have working smoke alarms in the correct positions in your home and are you aware of the fire risks within your home?

Keep as clutter free as possible, especially walk ways, to reduce your fire risk.

Ask help to test your fire alarms regularly.

Make sure electrical wires and plugs are maintained and don't overload sockets and if it is not in use SWITCH IT OFF!

Don't dry clothes close to a heat source – they may catch fire from radiated heat

If you smoke make sure you put it right out in an ashtray and empty ashtrays regularly

For support on fire safety issues:

Northamptonshire Fire and rescue service have online home safety checks or can visit your home for a home safety check to provide safety advice, make recommendations and fire exit strategies.

Please go to their website for further information:

Speciaist alarms are available for those with sensory deficit through assistive technology services and local and national charities.

Further Information