Garden and getting in and out of the house

Are paths clear of leaves and overgrown plants?

Keeping your garden tidy and free of obstacles will make it safer

Are your paving stones free of moss and algae?

Moss and algae can become slippery when wet; prune over hanging plants and branches to improve light and air circulation. You can buy products to remove algae or ask someone to remove it with a pressure washer

Do you have any uneven or broken paving slabs?

Ask someone to replace or straighten them up

Are your flower/vegetable beds at ground level (rather than in containers or raised beds)?

Try not to spend too long in one position and take care when standing up from a bent over position 

Try to alternate activities between seated ones and standing ones. 

Consider container gardenin, raised beds or long handled gardening tools.

Do you have high step(s) to get in and out of the property?

You may benefit from an additional step and / or grab rails

Remember to use your walking aid (if you use one) outdoors as well. 

Do you have the space to store your outdoor walker in the house, or an appropriate outside storage facility and that you can get them out to use safely?

Is the lighting at the properties entrance and exit sufficient?

Remember to check lighting outside of your house as well


If you have concerns about local highways, paths or lighting contact Northamptonshire Street Doctor online or your borough council.

If you have problems with moving refuse or wheelie bins for collection please contact your borough council.

Further Information

Fire Safety Advice

  • Store wheelie bins and rubbish securely away from property and bring bins back in as soon as possible after rubbish collection